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“Isi’s Tree” is a merch line in collaboration with Strafford by Serena Isioma. This drop consists of 12 salvaged and recycled button-down oxford shirts that have been cropped and graffiti'd with “Isi’s Tree”. The pieces are meant to meant to be worn, used, torn, loved and molded to your lifestyle in any environment and for any vibe. Many of these shirts were meant to be left behind and would never have been worn again.

Sizes are not exact and have been measured from top button to waist for approximation. Best to wash on delicate and let dry in fresh air. The pieces will distress as threads come undone on the bottom of the garment and this will vary depending on the specific oxford.

Additionally, a percentage of the collection’s proceeds will go to Fourtune House, an organization built on fueling Chicago creatives/activists. 

The collaboration is being dropped alongside Serena’s most recent EP, The Leo Sun Sets. Serena’s project is a 7 track story of their evolution into maturity and self-love. Each piece from this collection was left behind to never be worn again until being reworked for fans to appreciate. The music and fashion collide with a similar story of evolution. Inspired by the love of all these things, Isi’s Tree celebrates recycling fast times into a rejuvenated sense of spirit.

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